Ceramic Owls for Plants

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SPRUCE UP YOUR SPECIAL SPACE - A combination of detailed contoured patterns, vibrant color palettes, and a high-gloss appearance will add that extra “oomph” to your garden collection or home decor. Your neighbors may even notice something new from across the way. 

GIFT-READY - We cherish owls and we personally show that by safeguarding them with adequate comfort and protection. Arriving safely and happily to you, your special someone, or for that memorable occasion is our priority. 

SUCCULENT PROTECTORS - 4-ounces of plump cuteness. No breeze will knock these hefty hoots over. A thickly coated glaze provides that extra weight to safely secure your precious plants and cacti. 

FREE DAILY SMILES - Cheer up buttercup. Go ahead, have a good look at them. Combine these serene observers with the many positive health effects that plants offer us, and “pleasant vibes” will fill your humble abode.




Set Of Six Ceramic Owls.


Height  2.60 inch. 

Width   2.60 inch.

Thickness  2.40 inch. 

Top opening  1.80 inch.

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