Women Owl Socks

Designed with perfection, our owl apparel is a year-around favorite, loved by so many. Our clothing items are tailored to fit you perfectly and impress your friends, with bright eye-catching designs. Spread an aura of positivity and intellect with our amazing owl collection. Each pair has unique bright and shining eyes and rippled sock body, fashionable and attractive, brighten up the normal daily life for every special you.


 80% Cotton 20% Spandex


  •  Soft and Comfortable- High quality cotton blend
  • Perfect for gifts- The multi-color package contains five pairs of socks that every woman wants
  • One size fits all- Sutibale for most women


1 Pair (Multi Color contains 5 pairs of socks mixed colors)


    Size: 22.5-25.5 cm Suitable for US Size 5-8, EU 35-40

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